Caban offers fully integrated energy management systems to provide primary and backup power for
telecom equipment. The system has flexibility to provide ac or dc power, to support sites which are
on-grid or off-grid, and to support the use of a generator. The solution is designed to deliver the
absolute lowest operating expenses for operators and tower companies.
The system leverages Caban’s lithium-ion battery pack and energy management platform. To
enhance reliability, Caban integrates all peripheral equipment such as rectifiers, inverters, solar
converters, HVAC, surge protection, generators, and ATS.
For sites that incorporate solar, the system intuitively prioritizes renewable energy above grid or
generator sourced power for optimal savings. The deep-cycling LFP battery can be used heavily to
offset generator or grid costs for more than 10 years. Through Caban’s cloud-based energy
management service, the system can be continuously configured to achieve optimal performance
on a site-by-site basis.

(Solar and Grid)


Ideal for densely populated
locations. Locations eligible for
TOU rates and have a mandate
that requires on-site backup

Perfect for moderately
populated locations with space
for larger energy storage
systems. Locations with high
cost utility rates and good solar


Designed for sparsely
populated locations with space
for solar deployment and large
energy systems. Locations with
good solar irradiance and
without grid connectivity.

● Peak Load Shifting
● Backup Power
● Long duration backup for
on-grid sites

● Peak Load Shaving
● Long Backup Power
● Partial Solar Power Offset
● Optional Genset Support

● Off-grid sites
● Coverage requirements
● Full Solar Power Offset
● Optional Genset Support