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Are you in the process of upgrading your power infrastructure? Whether you’re looking to add new components to your existing setup, expand your overall power capacity, build a brand new system from scratch, replace inefficient parts, or meticulously plan and schedule a comprehensive power system overhaul, Diversitec is here to assist you with every step.

Diversitec's Reuse Telecom

Diversitec specializes in providing comprehensive services for all DC power and battery projects. We are committed to delivering top-notch project execution, ensuring quality that exceeds Telcordia standards, right from the initial design phase through to completion. This allows Diversitec to surpass both industry standards and client expectations.

Leader in Asset Recovery and Legacy Spares Support

Over the past 25 years, Diversitec has established itself as a leader in asset recovery and legacy spares support, driven by a commitment to delivering solutions to its customers. The company’s DC power and battery products and service offerings have continued to expand. Boasting a team of subject matter experts, Diversitec designs, engineers and provides comprehensive turnkey DC power back-up solutions

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