Trimm Versatile Fuse/Breaker Panel 7875001011-A



Nominal Voltage: -/+24-48V DC
Voltage Range: -/+19-60V DC
Number of Buses: 2
Bus Rating: 850 Amps
Max. Interrupt Device: 1000 Amps
Number of Positions: 10 Versa-Slots/Side (This panel includes 12 TFD Holders)
Max Fuse/Breaker: TLS Fuse-125A, TPC Fuse-125A, TPS Fuse-70A, 1 Pole Breaker-100A, 2 Pole Breaker-150A
Max Continuous Load: TLS Fuse-100A, TPC Fuse-100A, TPS Fuse-56A, 1 Pole Breaker-80A, 2 Pole Breaker-120A
Power Dissipation (Fully Loaded): 205 Watts max
Fuse/Breaker Type: TLS, TPC, and TPS Fuses, 1 and 2 Pole Breakers

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