Alpha has been in business for 4 decades and has continued to provide people with all of their AC, DC, and renewable power solutions needs. They provide products for telecom, cable broadband, security, traffic, and many more industries. With decades of experience and millions of powering solutions that have been installed globally, they continue to use their trusted products to help customers with anything they need.

DC Power Solutions

Alpha has a wide variety of DC power systems that are designed for industries such as telecom, data centers, security, and more. All their shelf systems provide a complete power solution in a rack mount package. Each system incorporates a Cordex™ controller, rectifiers, and distribution options in a compact shelf design. Distribution can be located inside the shelf for applications with a few loads or adjoined in integrated panels for those sites where additional distribution positions are needed. For medium to large system applications, Alpha offers a complete line of standard AC and DC system solutions designed to maximize space and cost savings. System options include various relay rack structures, custom distribution configurations, multiple voltage output designs, and front accessibility. For both compact and their medium/large systems you have optional temperature compensation and low voltage disconnects.


  • Integrated -48V, 400A power system with front
    access distribution
  • Up to 26 distribution positions in both 5RU, 2.4/3.0kW
    rectifier option or 7RU, 4kW rectifier option
  • Advanced CXC HP controller with touch screen
    display for full control
  • Temperature rated design for harsh outdoor
    applications from -40 to 65◦C
  • Wide range AC input for flexible worldwide
    deployment using a single rectifier
  • Industry-leading power system density

48Vdc CXPS-E3

  • 48V power solution for Cell Site, CO, MSC, Data Center
    and Cable Headend facilities
  • Each system combines rectifiers, battery termination and
    distribution, simplifying installation
  • Dual voltage options use high-efficiency DC to DC
    converters for legacy cell site applications
  • High-efficiency modular rectifiers reduce operating costs
  • Compact front access design reduces floor space footprint
  • Flexible low voltage load or battery disconnect, circuit
    breaker, TPS, and TPL fuse options

48Vdc CXPS-W