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Repair Services

When maintaining current equipment that is no longer manufactured, having access to a dependable network of experienced Repair & Service Providers is essential. Diversitec has established an in-house, fully-equipped lab staffed with experts. Diversitec is dedicated to rigorously testing the technologies that we offer and maintain. We offer comprehensive network maintenance and spares support through Diversitec, encompassing screening, repair, and testing across various vendors. Our approach enables our customers to rely on Diversitec for all their managed repair needs, facilitated by our extensive network of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners and repair vendors.

We Offer Solutions to extend the life cycles of your networks

We support:

– Nokia
– Cisco
– Juniper
– Valere/Eltek/Delta
– Alcatel-Lucent
– Emerson/Vertiv
– Fujitsu
– Ciena
– and many more!