Emergence of 5G Transforming Networks Edge Computing

Faster data processing and the need to reduce latency is placing significant demands on infrastructure that enables data processing as close to the source as possible. Edge computing is at the forefront to improve customer experiences. With medical monitoring wearables, self-driving automobiles, and the use of IoT applications in industrial settings, latency in data processing […]

Computing at the Edge IoT

Computing at the edge is an ongoing growth area and a challenge. When even a little bit of latency is unacceptable, more processing needs to take place right on the device itself instead of waiting for a data round trip to the cloud. As the Internet of Things (IoT) explodes in growth, better chips are […]

Telcos Positioned Well For Edge Computing Growth

Telcos Positioned Well For Edge Computing Growth The data demanded by IoT (Internet of Things) is relentless, and will continue to grow at a rapid pace. To handle the volume of data and avoid latency issues, companies must locate network resources close to their end-users; edge computing networks are critical. Given wireless bandwidth is often […]

Data Center World in March 2018

Data Center World Global Event Save the date and join Edge Mission Critical Systems (EdgeMCS), a Diversitec Company, at Data Center World Global 2018 in San Antonio, TX on March 12-15, 2018. We’ll be exhibiting and sharing information on best-in-class modular data centers. Our feature product for the show is the Binary Bunker Modular Data […]