Battery Backup Systems

No power system is safe from the wrath of Mother Nature. As a result, battery backup systems are critical to your operations and your system users. With the explosive growth within the communications field and modular data centers, maintenance of your infrastructure and battery backup systems are critical. In order to help fulfill your needs with your power system and batteries, Diversitec supports a full line and a wide range of batteries.

East Penn and NorthStar Batteries

Looking for East Penn or NorthStar batteries for your telecom or related ops? For battery backup systems we ship East Penn and NorthStar, as well as others. Batteries you receive will be ready for immediate installation – voltage & battery test dates noted on top of every battery. We also offer virtual warehousing services for batteries (full shipping, receiving, storage and charging).

DC Power Batteries Deka EastPenn - battery backup systems

East Penn Manufacturing is the largest single site battery manufacturer in the world. NorthStar is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and deploying an innovative range of batteries and power solutions.

Learn more about telecommunications battery backup systems here.

Battery Spill Containment Solutions

In addition to batteries, we can help with your spill challenges; solved with our full range of Spill Containment Solutions. From absorbents and neutralizers to full self-contained Spill Kits, you can solve potential problems. All of our spill products meet or exceed EPA and UFC standards, and represent some of the best technology the industry has to offer.

DC Power & Batteries – Resources

Are you looking for more detailed information? Check our Resources page for our DC Power & Batteries (brochures, specs, dozens of PDF files available for download, etc.).

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