There are several options for DC power configurations. One to consider is the Eltek rectiverter, which combines the functions of a rectifier and an inverter. It eliminates the need for a static transfer switch. The Rectiverter provides both AC and DC power with a total load of up to 2000W per module during normal operation. It includes three ports: one AC input, one AC output and one bidirectional DC port for both input and output.

The AC input is first rectified, then fed to a built-in inverter for AC output. The rectified AC input is fed to a DC/DC converter for appropriate DC load output, and to batteries for charging. Although it is a combined AC UPS and DC power supply, it can also be used as a pure inverter.

For those interested in learning more, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you determine if this is the best option for your DC power needs.