Telecom and DC Power Services

Diversitec offers complete turnkey solutions for your DC power projects. Our combined years of experience in both the AC & DC power arenas provide our clients with the assurance that each project from design to completion will exceed standards and expectations.

We pride ourselves on being a solution for our clients. Through our distribution relationships with several original equipment manufacturers, we have been fortunate to build a library of knowledge and experience working with their products.  We have an ongoing training program that allows our team to stay up to date on the latest revisions, firmware, and operating standards.

Preventive Maintenance

Diversitec provides maintenance and repair services for DC plants, rectifiers, and inverters. We conduct maintenance to identify and fix problems before they become critical. Diversitec can create a customized preventative maintenance program for your DC power systems as well as your inverter plants.

Diversitec is a provider of critical power solutions for customers in the telecommunications, utility, data center industries. To ensure that critical power equipment is operating at full capacity, routine maintenance & inspections are necessary.

Diversitec recommends that all users of DC power and inverter systems regularly verify their performance. An ongoing Preventive Maintenance program from Diversitec helps ensure optimum system reliability and equipment life.

When Diversitec’s certified technicians perform dc plant, inverter, and rectifier maintenance, all system components are analyzed for potential issues. Batteries are checked for health and longevity.



Diversitec’s power system installation services team understands that the power for your network is critical. Our critical power experts have experience in Engineering, Furnishing, Installing, and supporting integrated DC power solutions. Utilizing our experienced engineering and installation staff, designing, and deploying custom power systems unique to our customer’s specific applications ensures the best solution for our clients’ current and future needs.

From upgrades, to battery replacement, or complete DC system our team of experienced technicians and engineers will ensure the successful installation and implementation of your customized DC power solution.


Rack N Stack

Rack-mounted power solutions allow the rack or cabinet to arrive on-site prepared to be installed “plug and play”. Diversitec provides in-rack power solutions for all environments from outside pedestals to 8’ indoor enclosures we have the power system integration capabilities to ensure the best fit for your specific needs.

We have the facilities, expertise, and attention to detail to provide a racked solution that can be easily installed on-site with a minimum commitment of time from your installation teams. Our commitment to quality is evident in every build. We continue to improve our capabilities and product knowledge always providing the best solution for our clients.

“We were cautiously optimistic when we agreed to have Diversitec provide a complete back up power solution for our rural broadband community project. As supply chain disruptions hit, we fully expected our project to be delayed. That was the opposite of what we heard from Diversitec. We were instead informed of steps they have taken to stay ahead of the market disruption as well as alternatives to ensure our project would stay on track. Refreshing to have a company that walks the walk.

 Matthew, CTO